Interview with Anne Mercier, Ottawa (Day 2)

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Interview with Anne Mercier of Ottawa after their victory over Carleton.   [display_podcast]

Interview with Flywheel Captains (Day 2)

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Adam Lerman interviews Michigan Flywheel captains AnnaMaria Paruk, Becky Malinowski and Paula Seville after their Pool Play victory over Washington Element.   [display_podcast]

Interview with Fennig/Lun of Iowa

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Skyd’s Adam Lerman talks to Callahan finalist Robyn Fennig and Coach Mike Lun of Iowa Saucy Nancy during the 2011 College Championships.   [display_podcast]

Interview with the Champion Burning Skirts

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Skyd interviews Marie Madaras, Carolyn Finney and Stephanie Karba of the 2011 College Champion UCSB Burning Skirts. Photo by Kevin Leclaire (UltiPhotos.com)

Interview with Michael Baccarini, Paideia High School

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Jonathan Neeley interviews legendary Paideia High School Coach Michael Baccarini about Callahan award winners, and Paideia alumni Leila Tunnell and George Stubbs and the future of youth development.

Tuesday Dumps: Skirts/CUT, Ultiphotos, YouthUltimate.com

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Congrats to the 2011 College Champions – the UCSB Burning Skirts and Carleton College CUT. In case  you missed it, our continuing coverage of the 2011 College Championships can be…