ECBU 2013 Finals Recap

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Open Masters Full game video on Playo.tv In the Open Masters Final France took the early lead, 1-0, after gtting the D off a forced GB huck from Si Weeks….

ECBU 2013 Day 3 Video Recap

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ECBU 2013 Day 3 Recap – Masters

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In the Mixed Masters division, Germany coasted into the Finals with a 13-4 win over their smaller neighbor, Austria; and Great Britain rebounded from their first-game jitters against France, to…

ECBU 2013 Quarters and Semis Recap – Mixed

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Quarterfinals Saturday promised to be nothing but hard games in the Mixed division. After pool play, the top teams separated into the championship bracket and the quarterfinals were set to…

ECBU 2013 Quarters and Semis Recap – Open

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As Open quarterfinal round started, the wind was at it’s calmest point of the weekend. This allowed some of the higher-seeded teams to advance to the semifinals without ever being…

ECBU 2013 Quarters and Semis Recap – Women’s

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All quarterfinals games went as expected in the Women’s division, even if early on it looked like there were some potential upsets brewing. Russia easily handled a tired Latvia 13-3,…

ECBU 2013 Day 1 and 2 Masters Recap

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For the first time in an international beach championship, ECBU2013 has brought 4 separate masters divisions to Calafell: Open Masters, Women’s Masters, Mixed Masters, and Grandmasters. Here’s a quick rundown…

ECBU 2013 Day 2 Video Recap

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AUDL Preview & Inactive List: Week 12

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This week the main action in the AUDL is in the Eastern Conference. The Rochester Dragons are 6-7, just one game behind the Philadelphia Phoenix. Both have games on Saturday…

ECBU 2013 Friday Open Prequarters Recap

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The evening prequarter round in the open division featured several games that came down to the final point. In the windiest conditions of the tournament so far, some of the…