Truck’s Andrew Berry on Ultimate Fitness

by November 22, 2011, 10:10am 0

I learned how to train for ultimate in 2007. That was ten years into my ultimate career.  A decade. Some people come into ultimate with a good understanding of their…

What’s the Count: CCC, OFUDG, SoCal – Women’s Results

by November 22, 2011, 3:15am 0

CCC 1. Michigan 2. North Carolina 3. Central Florida 4. Georgia 5. Virginia/Texas Full Results OFUDG Oregon Alumni Oregon Whitman Western Washington PDX/Willamette Full Results SoCal Warmup San Diego State…

What’s the Count: CCC, OFUDG, SoCal – Open Results

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CCC LXI Pittsburgh Florida Georgia North Carolina Central Florida Full Results OFUDG 1. Lane Community College 2. Humboldt State 3T. Pacific 3T. Whitman Full Results SoCal Warmup Cal Poly-SLO Claremont…

Monday Dumps: Evolution, Zen, Downfield D

by November 21, 2011, 10:58am 0

The AUDL announces the 2012 season schedule. Ultimate Rob has a nice article on the evolution of disc sports. It’s like the Matrix meets Ultimate. Submitted by Melissa W Dusty…

The Wiggins Zen Throwing Routine

by November 21, 2011, 5:00am 0

“There is no one right way to play the game” – Jon King I believed Jon when he told me this many years ago, and after a decade of playing…

Chain Lightning vs. Ironside: 2011 Club Championships Semifinal (Video)

by November 20, 2011, 5:00am 0

Note: The footage is taken directly from our video stream and is unfortunately substandard. You’ll notice individuals walking past the camera and sometimes the camera missing the action. We apologize…

Friday Dumps: CCC STAR, Tats, Clean

by November 18, 2011, 11:13am 0

Don’t forget to register for the CCC STAR clinics this weekend. Looks like there are some great coaches, players and fitness experts leading clinics like Jolian Dahl, Kristen Shell, Michelle…

TD Tools: Increasing Your Tournament’s Fun Factor

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This article is part of Leaguevine’s “TD Tuesdays” series and are being re-posted on Skyd following release on Leaguevine. For the original articles: http://leaguevine.com/blog/tags/td-tuesdays/ or subscribe by email: http://bit.ly/q1bmoT As…

Tournaments (Nov 19-20, 2011)

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Want your tournament on this map? Post it to FFindr.com and it’ll be added automatically.

Thursday Dumps: Free State, Top NE Games, Mouw

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The Kansas City Free State Classic Tournament is back again this February and offering over $1500 in cash prizes for the winners. NE Ultimate with a list of the top…