Metro East and North Central Previews on USA Ultimate

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No Look Scoober‘s Bryan Jones wrote a little ditty about the Metro East, and my boy Jack O’Callahan covered the North Central. Ohio Valley and the Southeast should go up…

Player Profile: Cody Bjorklund, Oregon Ego

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Oregon Ego has always been a national  contender. However, after losing so much talent last year, the nation wondered if Ego would return to form. Cody Bjorklund made sure of…

Wednesday Dumps: North Central Preview, SSPPTV, Bro Hammer

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Your daily dose of Ultimate.

Regionals Coverage

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As I mentioned last week, I’m part of a USA Ultimate project to bring coverage to all of the Open regional tournaments. The first one to go up (big thanks…

Five Changes to Revolutionize Your Training

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Melissa Witmer shares her five steps to becoming a better athlete.

Tuesday Dumps: Burning Skirts, Lawler, Paga Results

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Your daily dose of Ultimate.


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Um. Awesome. UltimateProject 1 UltimateProject 2 More here. One of my favorite things about Video #2 is that the hucks are analyzed without noting the outcome.

Conference Championships Results – Women (Updated)

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Atlantic Coast Carolina D-I (April 16/17) – North Carolina wins, North Carolina-Wilmington, North Carolina State, Charleston, Wake Forest, Duke, South Carolina, and Clemson advance. Colonial D-I (April 16/17) – Maryland…

Conference Championships Results – Open (Updated)

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Atlantic Coast Carolina D-I (April 16/17) – UNC-Wilmington wins, East Carolina and South Carolina advance. Colonial D-I (April 17/23) – Delaware wins, Georgetown, Maryland, Towson, George Washington, and Maryland-Baltimore County…

All-Region and Callahan (real) Talk

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If the All-Region and Callahan hype machine were an ultimate player, I’m pretty sure it would be a do-it-all cutter with sick layouts and full-field upwind hucks. It would own…