Putnam’s Women’s Division Rundown

by October 26, 2011, 5:30pm 0

Fury Why they will win: They have the incredible powers of Matty Tsang. He is, hands down, one of the best coaches I have seen in this sport ever. Any…

Oakland Ultimate: Bring on the Hate!

by October 26, 2011, 5:25pm 0

Many college teams look to the club season as a way to provide an opportunity to play and improve after the spring season, against a level of competition that is…

LiveStream: Club Championships 2011

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Please see coverage schedule for broadcasting information.

LiveBlog: Club Championships 2011

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Club Championships is over! Thank you to everyone who participated in the LiveBlogs during the tournament. 2011 Club Championships LiveBlog archives: 2011 Club Championships – Sunday 2011 Club Championships –…

Skyd Club Champs Coverage Schedule

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Here’s our coverage schedule that will be updated with links shortly. While we’ll do our best to stick close to this schedule all times are tentative. Stay posted by following…

The Quick Look at Open Nationals

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The debate has taken place, the odds are in, and we are all just anxiously awaiting the end to a great season. The looming weekend can’t come fast enough for…

Wait!? What was that Score?

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Regionals and Nationals is the season for throwing games.  Thrown games at Regionals and Nationals?!  Not every team is trying to win.  At Regionals, some teams are content to lose…

North Carolina Phoenix 2011 Preview

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Phoenix Overview Phoenix is a fairly young team with a young roster. But captain, Lindsey Hack, doesn’t see their overall youth as a detriment. “A young roster does not have…

Here’s to the old guys – Masters Odds

by October 25, 2011, 10:29am 0

I wanted to give a little love to the past studs of open ultimate that will take the fields at Sarasota and play for the coveted title of “Team USA…

The Warm Up: Women’s Preview – 2011 Club Championships

by October 25, 2011, 9:16am 0

Skyd’s Elliot Trotter, Sockeye’s Tyler Kinley, Ultimate Project’s Mike Lawler and Ultimate Results’ Melissa Witmer preview the Women’s Division.