Skyd Power Rankings: College Open (02/25/13)

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These rankings and the 2013 Skyd College Tour are brought to you by Spin Ultimate. Written by Zack Smith. [spreadsheet 0An8OxSvSojVddFRyOUcxbER5N1o2UlQ3cjdLSU43WVE 600 1100] Who’s Out? After a poor performance at Queen City Tune Up…

Bonanza in the Books

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This recap and the 2013 Skyd College Tour are brought to you by Spin Ultimate. On the first point of the Hellfish Bonanza final, James Madison received from UNC-Wilmington but…

DIII Warmup 2013: Video Recap

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This recap and the 2013 Skyd College Tour are brought to you by Spin Ultimate.

The Path of the Callahan

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As College Ultimate has evolved, the Callahan Award has evolved along with it. Now entering its 18th year, the Callahan Award has undergone a series of changes and 2013 will…

Callahan Award 2013 Nomination Form

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Notes: Full schedule and 2013 Callahan Award rules can be found here. All nominations will be approved before being listed. Nominators may un-nominate someone if necessary by emailing Callahan2013@skydmagazine.com. Teams…

Lots to Learn at the Hellfish Bonanza

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Early in his team’s Round 1 game against Carnegie-Mellon, Chris Kocher pump faked a semi-open deep cutter, turned and hit his dump, and cleared upfield. The play was routine, but…

Friday Dumps: WOC, RISE UP, Gangnam

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The WFDF 2013 World Overall Championships (WOC) to be held in Sweden. Competitions this year will be held in seven flying disc events — Freestyle, Double Disc Court (DDC), Discathon,…

Tournament Central: Hellfish Bonanza

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Skyd will be in Harrisonburg, Virginia this weekend to bring you updates and insights from the Open Division of  James Madison’s Hellfish Bonanza. Keep an eye on Tournament Central for…

Midseason Already? The Hellfish Bonanza

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College ultimate’s calendar year is packed with emotion and mid-February tournaments have a habit of getting lost in the blur. In the fall, the freshness of a new team mixes…