The Marvel Ultiverse

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The heroes of ultimate align as Skyd presents their Marvel Comics doppelgängers.

Monday Dumps: Doublewide Captains, 50 Yard Scoober, Chris Larberg Ridiculous D

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Bama Secs has some alliterative thoughts on this weekend’s T-Town Throwdown. Jerrod Wolfe, Stephen Darroh, and Jeff Loskorn have been selected as Doublewide’s 2014 captains. Nice article in the New…

Power Rankings: College Women – Preseason (1/24/2014)

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The 2014 College Tour is presented by: [spreadsheet 0AkPyH_zADB67dEtEQ2Y2LUdqQUtVMFY3S3E4RzlnU2c 600 1100 sheet=2] #1 Oregon No team has improved enough in the offseason to unseat Oregon Fugue from their perch at the…

Friday Dumps: Bubblepest 2014 Summary, Clapham and Iceni at the US Open, Auburn CCC Highlights

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Weirdest dumps item of the year: a man in Marquette, Michigan was arrested for leaving his 2-year old son at home so he could go play ultimate. Get Horizontal posts…

Power Rankings: College Open – Preseason (01/24/14)

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The 2014 College Tour is presented by: [spreadsheet 0AkPyH_zADB67dDhqZHJGQThza05ETlBQemw4eW8zTGc 600 1000 sheet=2] #1 North Carolina (AC) After missing the College Championships in 2011, UNC has done nothing but improve significantly…

Through Irish Eyes

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My name is Liam Grant, and I’m a tall ginger ultimate player from Ireland. Last month, I decided to sell my surf school on the West coast of Ireland and…

Thursday Dumps: T-Town Throwdown Streaming, Work for RISE UP, Freaks Uv Nature Highlights

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Tiina Booth writes flawless article on women’s ultimate at Ultiworld. *MIC DROP* Random Wildfire fan decides to subtly appear in the background of a Jimmy Kimmel Live interview and makes…

The Base of the Pyramid

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Are there physical issues that are specific to ultimate? If so, what are they, and how do we understand and ultimately overcome them in order to reduce injury and improve…

Wednesday Dumps: Ultimate Resources, Mexican Offense, Bubblepest 2014

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reddit’s r/ultimate has compiled a great list of ultimate resources for learning, following, shopping, watching, and finding ultimate. Scott Shriner analyzes the recent USAU rankings algorithm changes over at Ultiworld….

It’s About The Team

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Q: You may have read the article on Ultiworld recently about the best traits in a captain. Maybe you could address this in your next Win the Fields? What traits…